From the Participants

Alice Beik – Hamburg, Germany
What I really appreciate is the that I can drop into the Indian crowd or the German crowd or any crowd I like."
Alice Beik, Hamburg, Germany
Shulamit Salem – Tel Aviv, Israel
"I knew the yoga would be great, but the great satsangs are such a nice bonus."
Shulamit Salem, Tel Aviv, Israel
Elisabeth Andripoulou – Amaliada, Greece
"The interesting blend of Indian and Western approaches to yoga is so refreshing.
The International Yoga Festival is both serious and fun simultaneously."
Elisabeth Andripoulou, Amaliada, Greece
Tiia Tammenin – Helsinki, Finland
"The teachings are so deep, the atmosphere is beautifully light and the people are so open.
The International Yoga Festival is more than I can ask for from any yoga event."
Tiia Tammenin, Helsinki, Finland
Amilee Myson – Sydney, Australia
"I came to the International Yoga Festival to meet the yogis of the world and to validate my life choice to be a yogi by being around others who have made the same decision.
My favorite part so far is the encounters with nameless yogis! Serendipity and anonymity combine at IYF for incredibly authentic experiences."
Amilee Myson, Sydney, Australia
Chisako Kurihara – Tokyo, Japan
"I decided I wanted to be a yoga instructor so I quit my job and came to the International Yoga Festival to dive in to the deep end and learn the best yoga."
Chisako Kurihara, Tokyo, Japan
Sasch Franchinia – Bergamo, Italy
"I come to Parmarth Niketan to International Yoga Festival every year to recharge my batteries and to find my center again."
Sasch Franchinia, Bergamo, Italy
Jenny Flynn – Brighton, United Kingdom
"I am opening my mind in the foothills of the Himalayas with so many great people, in such a beautiful place. It's wonderful."
Jenny Flynn, Brighton, United Kingdom
Monica Monatanaro – Palermo, Italy
"I absolutely love the structure, the setting and the energy.  I feel safe and comfortable. It is exactly what I wanted for my first solo trip to India."
Monica Monatanaro, Palermo, Italy
Peter Marinic – Ljubania, Slovenia
"As a new yoga teacher it's amazing to listen and learn from so many great teachers, and especially in such a divine location."
Peter Marinic, Ljubania, Slovenia
Deborah Johnson – San Diego, USA
"The Yoga Festival has been a perfect reason to finally come home to India."
Deborah Johnson, San Diego, USA
Jennifer Gu – Shanghai, China
"I've been studying yoga for 6 years and am so glad to find such a diverse set of teachers and styles, some much more than I could find at home."
Jennifer Gu, Shanghai, China
Lukas Barbello – Copenhagen, Denmark
"As a total beginner to mindfulness the International Yoga Festival is proving to be a perfect way to sample lots of yoga and meditation styles."
Lukas Barbello, Copenhagen, Denmark
Naima Kirkefeldt – Fakse, Denmark
I am deeply impressed by the festival, and was truly in awe of Shivamani's performance."
Naima Kirkefeldt, Fakse, Denmark
Mina Khagram – Nakuru, Kenya
"Initially I came for the yoga, but now I return for the people."
Mina Khagram, Nakuru, Kenya
Vik Shah – Bangalore, India
"Practicing Kundalini with such amazing instructors on the Ganges with this diverse community has been an incredible experience."
Vik Shah, Bangalore, India

Ivana Crmcic – Zagreb, Croatia
I am the Croatian ambassador for a yoga initiation program for children. I have to come to here to see all these gifted global teachers and to learn from them."
Ivana Crmcic, Zagreb, Croatia
Anil Khaitan – India
“This is the best Yoga Festival I have attended. It unifies and aligns one's mind, intellect and body in Unison."
Anil Khaitan, India
Jackie Nguyen – California, USA
“I came to the festival with the question and the curosity for knowing ‘What is Yoga.’ Throughout this week I have learned so much about Yoga and with the insights, wisdom and experience of the presenters and the saints I have learned how to balance between spiritual and material world. I am forever grateful. This experience has opened my eyes in so many ways and helped me realize there is so much work to be done and so much that I can offer.”
Jackie Nguyen, California, USA
Dina Reis – Portugal
“I feel so blessed that I am in this place, sharing amazing classes and energy with amazing people. The festival is really well organized and beautiful.”
Dina Reis, Portugal
Jean Mann – Marin, California, USA
“The IYF has raised my consciousness to a new level. I will go back to my community and try and help in any way to improve the environment.”
Jean Mann, Marin County, California, USA
Fergus MacTaggart – Brisbane, Australia
“I came here because I do yoga. I do yoga because of all the scientific benefits, for my physical and mental well being. Also to gain wisdom and philosophy from people completely opposite backgrounds than me.”
Fergus MacTaggart, Brisbane, Australia
Emily Scroope – Brisbane, Australia
“I am here for the first time. I wanted to let go of my mind in mediation. Today I fully experienced meditation for the first time.”
Emily Scroope, Brisbane, Australia
Annie Hickman, Rockland Country, New York
“They have everything in the world here. I love the classes, lectures and the dance performances.”
Annie Hickman, Rockland County, New York
Mathias Mandmeir – Munich, Germany
“This is my second year attending IYF and I’ve brought a friend with me. The teachers are great, the food is great and I am really enjoying myself”
Mathias Mandmeir, Munich, Germany
Bernd Jessel – Munich, Germany
“This is my first time attending IYF. I really enjoy meeting the beautiful people from all over the world.”
Bernd Jessel, Munich, Germany
Rodrigo Canelas – Lisbon, Portugal
“I attended the festival last year, this is my second time back. It’s confirmed once again how good and intense these classes are.”
Rodrigo Canelas, Lisbon, Portugal
Palomi Sheth, Los Angeles, California, USA
“This is my second year back at the festival. I am really enjoying the workshops, they are so powerful. I like that the classes are in both Hindi & English which adds a lot of value to the experience. The vibration is a great spiritual experience.”
Palomi Sheth, Los Angeles, California, USA
Mira Khagram – Nairobi, Kenya
“I have been coming for 8 years now and I keep having a better experience. I already can’t wait for next year. To experience so many different types of yoga and spiritual practice on the banks of Ganga is such a blessing!”
Mira Khagram, Nairobi, Kenya
Erica Dorfman, New York, USA
“The Yoga Festival is amazing! It is so much more than I expected”
Erica Dorfman, New York, USA
Mary O’Brien – Melbourne, Australia
“This is my first time to IYF and so far it has exceeded any expectations..For me it’s a platform to discover myself.”
Mary O'Brien, Melbourne, Australia
Paola Acuna – Montvale, Uruguay
“I’m very happy. As a yoga teacher it’s a dream to come to Parmarth Niketan for the International Yoga Festival”
Paola Acuna, Montvale, Uruguay
Sue Melboune – Pennsylvania, USA
“It’s a magical experience to be at the Yoga Festival with folks from 55 counties all following the yogic path. My heart swells with love being here”
Sue Melbourne, Pennsylvania, USA
Rashmi Kochar – Ranchi, India
“Yoga is my hobby. I want to learn as much as I can here during the IYF. This is my second time to the festival and it’s wonderful to be here again”
Rashmi Kochar, Ranchi, India
Leland Savage, Los Angeles, USA
“I think this festival is wonderful, and will be a transformative experience."
Leland Savage, Los Angeles, USA
Elenora Moraas – Sao Paolo, Brazil
“Wow! This experience has been intense, so beautiful, I feel truly blessed to be here. What a wonderful gift."
Elenora Moraas, Sao Paolo, Brazil

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