Satya Kalra, a founder and presidents of Path to Anandam, is a seeker, teacher and international speaker, popularly known for Anandam Lifestyle (Blissful Living). Satya’s personal mission is to live in love, peace and Anandam – practicing and propagating blissful living and helping others become more self-dependent and self-reliant – especially destitute women and children.

Satya has been unfolding herself through meditation for over 35 years and immersing herself in the study of the Bhagavad Gita for over 18 years. Following a divine call, she left the helm as a CEO in the biotech industry after serving for 35 years to become a fulltime seeker and discover her True Self.

In addition to her work with Path to Anandam, she is the executive director of the International Divine Shakti Foundation. She is also the author of many spiritual articles and books such as “My Questions and God’s Answers – Bhagavad Gita”, as well as the Path to Anandam book series – “Enjoy Worry-Free Life in 30 Days,” “Lasting Forever – Birth, Death and Beyond,” “Prosperity Forever Through Art of Work,” “Yoga is Much More Than Asanas,” and “108 Mantras to Awaken Your Soul” (soon to come).

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