Gloria Latham is one of the most influential forces of Yoga Classes and Yoga Teacher Training in Canada and globally. Her passion for yoga has led her to open four Semperviva Yoga Studios in Vancouver, BC and to create uplifting and transformative yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings across the world. As the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at the Semperviva International College of Yoga, she and her team of the top Yoga Alliance certified teachers, offer Yoga Alliance certified teacher training in Canada, Mexico and Europe. She is a Global Ambassador for Lululemon.

Gloria is adept in all yoga styles but is most passionate about Kundalini yoga because the benefits of the practice are immediate. Gloria’s Kundalini yoga classes are a dynamic, powerful, fast paced and effective form of yoga that produce quick results. She combines the raw energy of dance with the traditional disciplines of yoga to create a style that is her own personal trademark.

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