Messages & Blessings

PujyaSwamiji-smallDear Divine Souls,

A Warm Welcome to All!

The International Yoga Festival is not only a festival where people learn yoga; rather, the festival itself is yoga – a divine union of the east and west, the north and south. On the banks of Mother Ganga, people of every country, every culture, every color and every creed come together as one family, connecting to the Divine within themselves and to the Divine within others. It is a time of uniting not only one’s hands to one’s legs, but a time of uniting oneself to the Divine, to the Divine that exists in every single one of you.

People from around the world come, sit by the banks of Mother Ganga, absorb the divine energy of saints, sages and rishis who have meditated and performed yoga here for centuries, and are touched and transformed by the divine, sacred energy of this holy place. I extend great thanks to all our dedicated teachers who travel from every corner of the globe to come and offer their experience, enthusiasm and expertise to the Festival.

With love and blessings always,
In the Service of Humanity,

Swami Chidanand Saraswati